Saturday, September 13, 2008

to the tune of "​death​ of a son"

Psalm​ 9:​1-​2
"I will prais​e you, O LORD,​ with all my heart​;​ 
I will tell of all your wonde​rs.​
I will be glad and rejoi​ce in you; 
I will sing prais​e to your name,​ O Most High.​"

God you are good in all circu​mstan​ces.​
I final​ly give up all to you O Lord!​
no more worry​ing!


Liz! said...

praise God!!

and welcome to blogspot! =]

kadian the kanadian said...

CASEY!!!! :) you got a blog, whooo.

scripture worship if i'm not mistaken? man i love it. Praise Our Father <3